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Exclusive launch at Miss Selfridge during London Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week is one of the most important events in the fashion world. GENESIS MANNEQUINS has used this event as an opportunity to launch their creative and exclusive designs of a brand new charismatic mannequin range. 25 mannequins of the new range "Tessellation" were presented in store and the windows of Miss Selfridge during the London Fashion Week.
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GENESIS MANNEQUIN'S Tesselation Range at Miss Selfridge during the London Fashion Week
New Generation

Young, cool and dressed in casual street style – this is how the new mannequins of our „New Generation“ range are presented. read more

The Genesis Stylebook Photos 2015

Photographer: Yves Borgwardt Concept: GENESIS MANNEQUINS read more

GENESIS Showroom in a brand new look

Clean, puristic but at the same time highly innovative – this is GENESIS MANNEQUINS’ brand new showroom. Whilst styling and presentation are … read more

Video Teaser für Making of der Stylebook Fotos 2015 von GENESIS MANNEQUINS

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