Transform your female mannequins like never before

The new removable make-up includes lips and eyelids that can be used to create expressive faces. Dramatic and striking make-up looks are just as easy to achieve as a subtle everyday look. The choice is yours. 

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25 stunning combinations. See for yourself.

25 stunning combinations. See for yourself.

Bronze metallic
 Rose gold metallic
Smokey copper metallic
RAL4009 shiny
RAL3016 matt
RAL3020 shiny
RAL7015 glitter
Mirror chrome


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Simple to use

The sophistication of Masquerade lies in its ease of use. Automatic positioning lets you set lips and eyelids in their intended place.

The mono-colored heads are just as effective bare as they are with the make-up. Should Masquerade no longer be needed, simply remove the make-up elements without reducing the effect of the mannequin.
Conveniently store Masquerade safely in the Tool Box in the mannequin's waist until it is needed again.

Make your own style a reality

If the ideal make-up for showcasing your products is not yet available, you can simply design it yourself. Each Masquerade set will be completed with primed lips and eyelids to make your ideas reality. There are no limits to your creativity. Masquerade lets you determine the look of your female mannequins and become the designer for your brand.

If you're contemplating a one-of-a-kind design, we'd be glad to advise you and create a made-to-measure mannequin.

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