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We are represented globally with our showrooms and have a network of strong partners to ensure a reliable service. With their extensive experience and professional know-how, our local advisors are happy to help our customers find the perfect solution.

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International SupportGlobal Partners

We are represented globally and have a network of strong partners in:

Australia | Austria | Belgium | Bosnia-Herzegovina | Canada | China | Croatia | Cyprus | Czech Republic | Egypt | Finnland | France | Great Britain | Greece | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Iraq | Ireland | Luxembourg | Malaysia | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Serbia | Singapur | Slovakia | Slowenia | South America | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Syria | Ukraine | USA

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We are happy to put you in touch with your respective partner.

T: +49 575218030
Email: moc.yalpsid-siseneg@ofni

QualityWe guarantee a consistently high quality

We guarantee a consistently high quality by never producing more than 300 mannequins from one mold. This ensures optimal proportions and silhouettes as well as perfect transitions from one part of the body to another.

Only the highest quality standards are good enough for us. Thanks to our seven-step quality control system, we achieve the best results every single time.

Seven-step quality control system

  1. Control of molds for production
  2. Control of laminate & material
  3. Control after sanding and priming
  4. Control after painting (control of make-up separately)
  5. Control during assembling (sampling), check of fittings and accessories
  6. Control of packaging with packaging accessories
  7. Control during goods dispatch incl. check of delivery date

Consulting ServicesIndividuality is an expression of character

A mannequin is only convincing when it is suitable for our customer. GENESIS MANNEQUINS has custom workshops at the start of every collaboration. This crucial meeting is where we collaborate with our customer to draw up a suitable and unique concept for your custom mannequin design. From the initial idea we develop a "store-ready" concept that supports your brand by selecting the right poses, heads, colors and finishes.

WarrantyHigh quality guaranteed

Our high-quality standards are also reflected in the warranties that we offer. All of our customers receive a three-year warranty on all mannequins as well as a ten-year purchase guarantee for all spare parts.

MultilingualismInternationality is our standard

Therefore, the GENESIS mannequins come with assembly instructions in several languages as standard.

FinancingFlexibility for investments

Due to our sophisticated technology and the implemented materials, purchasing one of our mannequins is a long-term investment and sometimes comes at a considerable cost.

We therefore offer all of our customers – except in the USA and Canada – the option to rent or rent-to-own.

If they do not require a complete mannequin, upper and lower body parts can be ordered separately.


  • On-site sales force
  • Service and claim handling training
  • After sales service


  • Extensive sales support
  • Coordination and
  • Troubleshooting by salesperson




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