Inspired by pop icons of the superlative, the FAME range was created with a high level of modern Neo Grunge in mind. These female mannequins represent the contemporary trend in a young and wild manner. With punky rock poses, they resemble young girls who celebrate their stars' styles and adapt them in an individual manner.

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Head recommendation: Lyla


All mannequins can be orderered headless or can be combined with any heads. You have a choice of four designs: a realistic head with hair, a realistic head with sculptured hair, an abstract design or a head without hair or the illusion of hair. 

Head recommendation: Gail

REMOVABLE MAKE-UPSNever has the transformation of your female mannequins been as easy as with Masquerade!

Whether you want dramatic or discreet make-ups for your presentation – the exchangeable lips and eyelids create an expressive individual look tailored just to your particular products.

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Modehaus Viktor, Monschau-Imgenbroich

Mannequins: Fame




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