New Male Collection

COUTURE male, the latest range by GENESIS MANNEQUINS, convinces with its contemporary semi-abstract design. A combination of casual poses and strong postures gives the mannequins the assertive character of fashion-conscious men.

COUTURE male represents a style-confident and smart looking gentleman between 25 and 35. He can present smart casual wear and luxurious eveningwear just as well as casual denim or streetwear.

Particularly striking is the combination of a COUTURE male with a COUTURE female mannequin. The combination of this pair creates exciting synergies in the shop window and at the POS.

Two new abstract and semi-abstract heads were developed especially for the eleven expressive poses. They captivate you by their minimalistic structure and special aesthetics. However, due to the "mix-n-match" principle of GENESIS MANNEQUINS, COUTURE is available with any other head from the wide range of heads.

New Showrooms in Auetal/Hannover & Paris

After a very successful EuroShop, GENESIS MANNEQUINS now presents its latest mannequin trends and industry highlights in their headquarters showroom in Auetal/Hannover as well as their Paris showroom. Call today for an appointment to personally experience our new mannequins in a unique setting.

Well thought-out details for a perfect appearence

Each GENESIS mannequin is a well thought-out, unique character for the perfect presentation of fashion. Our mannequins are fitted with many useful details as standard. The basic equipment of all GENESIS mannequins includes button arm fittings.

These fittings offer high stability and safety, particularly for wide arm poses, as it is impossible to unhook the arm accidentally.

Additional feature: the space between the arm and the upper body can be manually adjusted simply and accurately by turning the button – without the need for additional tools.

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