The EuroShop year 2017 was an exceptional one, filled with lots of innovation.

By constantly pushing our technical developments forward, we were able to become a 3D-technology pioneer in the visual merchandizing field. By integrating future-oriented trends into our mannequins, we were able to convince clients of our creativity and sense of zeitgeist. Our passion for our products shows up in every practical solution and product innovation we develop. Reflect back with us on an eventful and successful year.

Thank you to all clients, partners, and friends that were part of our experience in 2017. We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season.


Dolce & Gabbana at Harrods, London


Disney Inspiration at Steen & Strom, Oslo


MOOD at Franzen, Düsseldorf


ROBOTIC at Tezenis, London


EVA and ICON MALE at More Jades

Eva, Icon Male @morejades, Düsseldorf
Eva, Icon Male @morejades, Düsseldorf

TESSELATION at Jades, Düsseldorf


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