Capturing zeitgeist with four different poses

Not quite grown-up yet, but not kids anymore either – that’s how the B-Tweens got their name. Urban wear subcultures and trends served as inspiration for the this new range. The B-Tweens are loud, rebellious, turn heads and are a perfect fit for a youthful staging. These girls, between 11 and 15 years old consider themselves digital natives showing self-confident poses.

On the hunt for self-identity and individuality, they present the latest fashion in a new way. The combination of styling, make-up, and youthful esprit make it a one-of-a-kind mannequin concept that has yet to be matched. Their lovely facial features and playful body language turn them into THE it-girls of tomorrow.

Two new heads and two different make-ups underline the B-Tweens teenag- er character. This is emphasized by five wigs, specially made for the B-Tweens and enables an authentic storytelling. As with all Genesis ranges, you can mix and match the B-Tweens: all colors and finishes are possible. Contact us and we’ll be happy to develop your very own individual concept.

GENESIS MANNEQUINS has always been your point of contact and reliable partner for individual customized mannequins. In our 3D LAB our team develops new designs according to our clients’ brand-DNA.

The possibilities are endless! We can develop your individual mannequin from a photo, from your description or we can even scan people and take care of the digital post-processing. The choice is yours! This does not only shorten the production time, it also reduces transportation costs and eliminates a waste of material during the prototyping phase.

GENESIS was the first manufacturer in the world to produce mannequins with innovative and ecological raw materials. Since the very beginning, sustainabi- lity has been an integral part of our company’s DNA.

Each of our mannequins is made of environmentally-friendly materials, which carry a quality seal certifying their origin and safety. The name GENESIS is also synonymous with transparency and trust.

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