A major focus on sustainability and an instinct for trends - that has been the philosophy of Genesis Mannequins, a top supplier in the international fashion sector for many years.

Let us not lose sight of the essential - but rather showcase it in a new, modern and creative way. Denim never leaves us - it is versatile and timeless.

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Warm hues of grey and beige evoke a sense of lightness and freshness. Cool, muted shades of teal, mixed with understated contrast of light berry tones, work great together. This color palette will compliment every denim outfit. It is the ultimate summer look and feel.

Transform your female mannequins as never before.

The new removable make-up includes replaceable lips and eyelids that can be used to create expressive faces.

Customized developments

Should you be contemplating an unusual design, we would be glad to advise you and create your made-to-measure mannequin.We are happy to respond to special requests to develop a unique MASQUERADE female head with you to give a very special touch to your window dressing.

GENESIS was the first manufacturer in the world to produce mannequins with innovative and ecological raw materials. Since the very beginning, sustainability has been an integral part of our company's DNA.

Each of our mannequins is made of environmentally-friendly materials, which carry a quality seal certifying their origin and safety. The name GENESIS is also synonymous with transparency and trust.

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