THINK GREEN We are pioneers.

THINK GREEN We are pioneers.

We are pioneers when it comes to sustainable lifecycle management, innovative manufacturing technologies, and recyclable raw materials in the mannequin business. Every internal and external process adheres to conscientiously selected ecological principles.

For us, sustainability is more than just a trend; it is an approach to business and life. We are motivated to produce the most sustainable product possible and provide dependable services for our clients.



We think green throughout our product’s entire life cycle. We continuously work towards innovation in sustainability. This is the only way we can improve and contribute to a brighter future for our planet.


We examine the ecological footprint of every step of our process, to optimize internal procedures, so they remain up to date with the latest scientific and technological advancements. We work with external organizations to inspect and certify raw materials and manufacturing technologies to ensure we are protecting the environment.

CODE OF ETHICS It is about authenticity and credibility.

CODE OF ETHICS It is about authenticity and credibility.

To us, sustainability means treating our planet - and all people - with respect. It is about creating a healthy balance between the ecological, economic, and social aspects of life.

Environmentally safe quality is not expensive. GENESIS prioritizes providing a healthy atmosphere, both for the environment and for society.

CODE OF ETHICS Transparency is the key

CODE OF ETHICS Transparency is the key

As a member of SEDEX, we act in accordance with a strict code of conduct to create fair working conditions worldwide. This means we put human rights first, are transparent about production, use non-toxic materials, prioritize recycling, use energy efficiently, and minimize waste. Above all else, it is about authenticity and credibility.

MATERIAL Sustainability also means durability.

MATERIAL Sustainability also means durability.

We were the first mannequin manufacturer to test fibers like coconut, hemp, flax, bamboo, old textiles, recycled fiberglass, wood, viscose, and beyond. We can produce mannequins with any of these materials upon customer request and are happy to offer our expert advice in selecting the best option.

Certified Bio-based Material Achieving sustainable goals with “green” mannequins

Certified Bio-based Material Achieving sustainable goals with “green” mannequins

Our mannequins are produced with the largest possible percentage of organic material. The material basis is glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which has been replaced by high-quality bio resin by 47%. This resin consists of 100% sustainable raw material and was developed by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products. GENESIS sells the only retail mannequins in the world that include this unique resin.

Sustainability has always been an essential part of our DNA

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DEVELOPMENT We simplify the development process as much as possible.

DEVELOPMENT We simplify the development process as much as possible.

We develop modern decision-making aids and inspiration for our customers with the help of 3D scans, 3D prints, virtual sculpturing, and visualization. This helps accelerate the mannequin development process and saves more resources, making it more environmentally friendly. Modifications can be made digitally to simplify communication and reduce material waste.

LONGEVITYNANO PROTECTION – for a long lifespan and thorough cleaning

We give customers the option to add a transparent protective coating made of Nano ceramic particles that can be applied to almost any mannequin. This coating protects against dirt or scratches and is easy to clean. Nano Protection not only extends a mannequin’s life, it contributes to protecting the environment as well. After unpacking the mannequin, our Nano Protection needs at least 4 weeks or more to completely dry and harden. Therefore, within this time, we recommend working carefully with the mannequin.

G-ProtectSurface Protection

G-Protect is a multicomponent protective coating. Due to its special composition the G-Protect coating is extremely durable and scratch resistant. After unpacking the mannequin, it only takes one week for the G-Protect coating to completely harden. In contrast to Nano Protection, the use of G-Protect is a little less diverse. For example, it is possible to add G-Protect to our standard colors, but it is not possible to combine G-Protect with metallic effects, special finishes, or make-up.


Not only do we invest in environmentally friendly materials, we have also developed a special packaging which is 100% plastic-free. We do not use any plastic during the packing process, nor for shipping. Conventional glue and metal clips were replaced by ecological alternatives. The packaging consists of unmixed recycled paper which can be returned to the recycling process.


Not only do we care about the sustainability of design, development, production, and end use, but through our products’ “end-of-life” cycle as well. When a Genesis Mannequin is ready for disposal, we can offer our clients environmentally disposal services that ensure our products are repurposed through the creation of clean recycled energy. We make a concerted effort to implement innovative recycling practices. We work closely with an industry leader that won a 2017 GreenTec Award for its exceptional commitment to environmental safety.


Working conditions in the factory

Our production facility in China has become a pioneer and a model of sustainability. We use as many eco-friendly raw materials as possible in all of our sites. We pay particular attention to the ecological generation of energy (e.g., solar power), low-emission transportation routes and we use energy-saving appliances (AAA category). We generate heat in the drying chambers and purify the water used for manufacturing in a controlled process. Last but not least, we recycle in a responsible and adequate manner. Our principles of sustainability are followed on a daily basis in all of our sites and in all areas of the company.


We take ecological energy production to heart

Solar panels on the factory building generate enough energy to provide the entire company and the surrounding apartment blocks with warm water.


Our own research for even more sustainability

Our Research & Development Department is constantly working on the improvement of all materials in collaboration with international universities. The better the research, the more sustainable the GENESIS production will become and the higher the proportion of certified organic material in our mannequins will be.


Non-toxic, water-based colors are used for coloring*

For coloring our mannequins, we use non-toxic dispersion paint. As these paints are water-based, they contain hardly any solvents and do not present any health risk.


Hands made of certified, non-toxic PVC*

For our mannequin hands, our research laboratory developed a non-toxic poly-vinyl chloride (PVC). It is flexible and break-resistant and was classified as toxically harmless by the independent SGS test laboratory. If requested, the PVC hands can be replaced with bio-resin hands with reinforced fingers.




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