Certified Bio-based Material Achieving sustainable goals with “green” mannequins

Certified Bio-based Material Achieving sustainable goals with “green” mannequins

Our mannequins are produced with the largest possible percentage of organic material. The material basis is glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which has been replaced by high-quality bio resin by 47%. This resin consists of 100% sustainable raw material and was developed by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products. GENESIS sells the only retail mannequins in the world that include this unique resin.

Sustainability has always been an essential part of our DNA

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DurabilityLongevity is the key to sustainability

The use of this bio resin ensures particularly robust mannequins that are more durable, longer-lasting and of higher quality.

LONGEVITYNANO PROTECTION – for a long lifespan and thorough cleaning

This transparent protective finish consisting of minute ceramic particles can be applied on any mannequin on request. The finish protects the mannequins from dirt and scratches, and is easy to clean. This increases the lifespan of the mannequins and also makes a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

Smart SolutionGENESIS Tool Box – a clever detail

This box, for which a patent is pending, is embedded in the hip plate of each mannequin and contains all the utensils and information that is required during the lifespan of a mannequin, including a cleaning sponge and matching touch-up paint. The box also offers sufficient space to store clothing labels that are removed before the presentation of the goods.

Non-toxic, water-based colors are used for coloring*

For coloring our mannequins, we use non-toxic dispersion paint. As these paints are water-based, they contain hardly any solvents and do not present any health risk.


Packaging material made of FSC certified recycling cardboard*

Of course all our mannequins are shipped only in certified recycled cardboard boxes. After use they can be disposed of with waste paper.


Hands made of certified, non-toxic PVC*

For our mannequin hands, our research laboratory developed a non-toxic poly-vinyl chloride (PVC). It is flexible and break-resistant and was classified as toxically harmless by the independent SGS test laboratory. If requested, the PVC hands can be replaced with bio-resin hands with reinforced fingers.


We take ecological energy production to heart

Solar panels on the factory building generate enough energy to provide the entire company and the surrounding apartment blocks with warm water.


Our own research for even more sustainability

Our Research & Development Department is constantly working on the improvement of all materials in collaboration with international universities. The better the research, the more sustainable the GENESIS production will become and the higher the proportion of certified organic material in our mannequins will be.


Working conditions in the factory

Our production facility in China has become a pioneer and a model of sustainability. We use as many eco-friendly raw materials as possible in all of our sites. We pay particular attention to the ecological generation of energy (e.g., solar power), low-emission transportation routes and we use energy-saving appliances (AAA category). We generate heat in the drying chambers and purify the water used for manufacturing in a controlled process. Last but not least, we recycle in a responsible and adequate manner. Our principles of sustainability are followed on a daily basis in all of our sites and in all areas of the company.


Recycling according to European standards

If a mannequin is so badly damaged that a restoration is no longer viable, we'll take it back and dispose of it properly. This means, we'll dismantle it and dispose of the individual parts. The metal fittings are melted down. The safety glass base is transferred to the general waste cycle. The mannequin's body is shredded and thermally recycled. The produced energy is then fed into the local grid as district heating and electricity.




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