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Denim is versatile, timeless and brimming with possibilities …

... just a few of the characteristics it shares with our mannequins. We simply cannot imagine the world of fashion without denim, which is why we are constantly working on new ways and possibilities of perfectly showcasing your denim garments.

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easily mounted with many different fashion concepts

Limited Edition Denim Booklet

vintage brown fabric, black finish – the perfect combination for denim presentation

comfort XL

Never has the transformation of your female mannequins been as easy as with MASQUERADE!

Enhance your denim wear with MASQUERADE make-up - a versatile easy-to-use system that allows you to replace the make-up on your mannequin simply by replacing the eyelids and the lips. Cannot find what you are looking for in our selection? Explore your creativity and make your very own MASQUERADE make-up.

Customised denim finishes – for more individuality in fashion representation.

The perfect fabric, the perfect fit.




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