Changing perspectives: The ArtWork Institute uses creativity to help you overcome the challenges you face and find solutions. Whether you are looking for new ways of doing things or new opportunities in your business, you need inspiration. We believe that through engaging with the arts, whether music, design or movement, your perspective changes and barriers are overcome. Art Work Website
Custom image projections, made in Germany.
Derksen Lichttechnik proves impressively that the light cone of a spotlight doesnt have to be shapeless and plain. The company from Gelsenkirchen develops innovative light solutions for the Point of Sale, for museums and significant architecture projects since more than 25 years. Unique-ness and precision explain the sustaining success of the products worldwide.
Derksen means communication through light. Texts, graphics, brand logos and photo-realistic images can be projected onto every appropriate surface with Derksen Projection Systems. The spectrum of the products ranges from compact indoor projectors to powerful and weatherproof outdoor appliances. Derksen Website
Everything at Exalis revolves around fashion, design and trends: we have been involved in the international fashion and trade show business since 1998. Thanks to our experience as trend consultants and contractors we have an in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry from all angles. We will analyze your brand on the market and develop innovative and sustainable concepts for the future. We can identify macro and micro trends at least two years in advance, with trend books, trend seminars and workshops on your collections. More than 100 clients from the fashion and design sector place their trust in our experience, imagination and expertise. Exalis Website
The Retail Design Lab at the Design Department of the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf is financially and idealistically supported by GENESIS MANNEQUINS. Moreover we cooperate for projects like the EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf. The Retail Design Lab is part of the recently established study course “Retail Design”, the first of its kind in Germany. Fachhochschule Düsseldorf Website
The Bundesfachschule für Werbegestaltung (FWS) [Advertising Design School] in Stuttgart, Germany, is a further educational establishment that focuses on providing fully integrated programmes of study rather than unconnected elements. Course materials are compiled from every aspect of the advertising industry; elements are then combined to give the students a practical and project-orientated learning experience that will form ideal preparation for future work within the advertising industry. FWS Website
Situated in the heart of Düsseldorf, Jades and moreJades introduce you to a world of glamour and Rock’n’Roll à la Hollywood. Jades’ unique selection of internationally desired collection of Balmain, Isabel Marant and Missoni as well as casual Denim and sportswear like True Religion, JBrand, Citizens of Humanity and Juicy Couture allows the mixing of opposite which were incompatible up to now and continuously creates new things in an atmosphere of ease and luxury. Since 2007 fashion fans of the whole Republic as well as beyond the borders can immerse in a charming world of catwalk trends and celebrity looks. The counterpart of the Düsseldorf concept store JADES is in no way inferior to the Düsseldorf fashion temple. Jades Website

Our number one goal at MACVAD is to provide peace of mind to our clients with reliable products and great pricing that will exceed their expectations. By staying abreast of the current market trends in several countries, and working closely with our in house design team, we can supply our clients with excellent sources for their products while placing vital emphasis on ethical sourcing practices and quality control.

MACVAD Website
MAGNWALL GmbH is the first company in the world to have invented completely electrified display systems. Creating a new way in which devices get power, MAGNWALL revolutionizes the space furnishing and the art of product presentation. Coming from Germany we supply our customers with modular display systems, cord-free lights, flexible visual merchandise for breathtaking and practical venues. Magnwall Website
In 2015, Marx + Moschner decided to merge with the MOSS-Inc. Group in order to become the strongest intercontinental provider of digital large screen solutions.Since then, customers have been using us as an international partner for retail and POS solutions. Whether large format prints, digital systems or shop design, with Moss you increase the experience value for your customers...worldwide. Moss Inc. Website
OWD is one of the leading agencies for visual marketing in Germany and Europe. We assist our customers in organizing and realizing visual communication and design concepts, presenting products and brands as well as designing qualified POS concepts. For over 18 years our European network of qualified designers for visual marketing has communicated our customers’ image by visual merchandising at the Point of Sale. With OWD you have a strong partner by your side who realizes creative ideas fast, reliably, effectively and successfully. OWD Website
innovative creativity, confidence in style and a pronounced love for detail is what plajer & franz stands for. in over 15 years creative and imaginative partnership, the founders alexander plajer & werner franz together with their team of architects, interior architects, product and graphic designer created an impressive and wide-ranging portfolio with internationally renowned clientele. from the development of corporate identity over a respective brand architecture, design and planning of shop and presentataion spaces towards the supervision and customer support on a very personal level, plajer & franz studio adopts its interdisciplinary knowledge at the level the brand needs it most. Plajer & Franz Website
When elements encounter, energy arises creating a new range of possibilities. With this idea our trade association connects companies and professionals throughout Switzerland to a combined force and builds valuable bridges between the authorities, the public, the customers and the industry whenever interrelations are required and synergies are to be expected. The trade association for three-dimensional design protects and represents the interests of the professionals and campaigns for a promising positioning of the environment of visual design. Polydesign3D Website

SAINT-HONORÈ PARIS produces and designs the best accessory displays for the fashion brands worldwide. We use the hearts of Paris and Bordeaux as playgrounds.

Carried by human energy and architectural of Paris and stimulated by the elegance of Bordeaux, we defend the values of the French design. All of our displays are passionately designed and technically designed in France.

Saint-Honoré Paris website
Idealism, professionalism and a hint of extravagance are the basis of the work of Sayonara Visual Concepts who create individual stagings with self-confident creativity. Domagoj Mrsic creates the scenes for lifestyle products which manage the balancing act between luxury and minimalism, from traditional to ultra-modern styles. Their corporate identity: “We release our fantasy to make room for the extraordinary”. Sayonara Website
Studio Oeding creates marketing strategies and integrated design solutions. Our high standard of new thinking results in corporate identities, product designs, packaging designs as well as interfaces and innovations with a vision. We work conceptionally, substantially and consequently with a deep understanding for brands and market situations. Studio Oeding Website
GenesisDisplay also has exclusive world-wide distribution rights for mannequins made by the Japanese company Tomane (Tokyo). Tomane Website
Originally a Syndicate for Employees, Trainees and Freelancers, we represent the Profession of Visual Marketing and Merchandising Designer. VMM works in partnership with industry, authorities, businesses, unions and training schools. VMM is a partner and service provider for designers for visual marketing and merchandising. VMM Website
WindowsWear PRO is the world’s largest online fashion and visual merchandising resource.  Top global brands like Louis Vuitton and Swarovski use WindowsWear PRO to create better visual displays.  Top universities and vendors around the world subscribe as well.WindowsWear PRO provides inspiration, competitive research, and insights into 34,000+ retail windows from more than 550 brands in 9 fashion capitals from around the world, and growing.  Glamour says it's "the Google Earth of store windows" and WWD says it "allows merchandisers to keep tabs on global fashion trends in real time".  In addition, WindowsWear PRO provides analysis and trends on the latest visual displays, fashion, and mannequins. WindowsWear PRO Website
Wunschfeld is a design studio for digital products and services. With our customers we work toward a sustainable digital future responsibly. Our doing is human centered. With empathic design methods, we recognize relevant human needs to develop better digital products.

Our services

  • Conception, design and development of digital products and services
  • User experience strategy and research
  • Digital branding and marketing
  • Workshops for design thinking and UX design
Wunschfeld Website



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