Product Features

Well thought-out details for a perfect appearance

Each GENESIS mannequin is a well thought-out, unique character for the perfect presentation of fashion. Our mannequins are fitted with many useful details as standard. In addition, we can realize individual ideas to adapt new or already existing mannequins to the varying requirements of our customers.

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LIGHTWEIGHTThe lightest mannequins on the market

Our mannequins are extremely lightweight. This means that each mannequin can easily be carried and assembled by just one person. Two factors have helped us to achieve a low weight of 8 kg for the women and 9 kg for the men (each without glass base). Our mannequins are made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester and laminated by hand instead of being produced in the conventional blow molding process. Furthermore, 47% of the plastic material is replaced by a natural bio resin, which makes the mannequins more durable and lighter. As an additional benefit, this also turns every GENESIS mannequin into a sustainable product.

REMOVABLE MAKE-UPSNever has the transformation of your female mannequins been as easy as with Masquerade!

Whether you want dramatic or discreet make-ups for your presentation – the exchangeable lips and eyelids create an expressive individual look tailored just to your particular products.

LEG SPRINGSWell thought-out detail for easy handling

All GENESIS mannequins with wider leg positions have a leg spring. Due to this so-called "spring fitting", the legs can be moved flexibly and will automatically spring back into their original position afterwards. This allows a single person to dress the mannequin as pants can be pulled on effortlessly.

Nano ProtectionFor a long lifespan and thorough cleaning

This transparent protective finish consisting of minute ceramic particles can be applied on any mannequin upon demand. The finish protects the mannequins from dirt and scratches, and is easy to clean. This increases the lifespan of the mannequins and also makes a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.

PPG PAINTSurface Protection

PPG paint is a multicomponent color, consisting of paint, hardener and diluent. Due to its special composition the PPG paint is extremely durable and scratch resistant. After unpacking the mannequin, it only takes one week for the PPG paint to completely harden. In contrast to Nano Protection, the use of PPG paint is a little less diverse. For example, it is not possible to combine PPG with metallic effects, special finishes, or make-up.

DETACHABLE HEELSFor a complete-looking outfit even without shoes

Upon request, all female mannequins can be equipped with a heel varnished in the same color as the respective figure. In this way, the presented outfits look more complete, even without shoes. For some female mannequin ranges, this equipment is already available as standard.

If you like to display shoes on your mannequin later on, you can easily remove the heels and store them in the GENESIS Tool Box. The sizes of the mannequins' feet allow the presentation of shoes without widening or damage.

WIGSFor various looks

All wigs are made with kanekalon fibres and enhance the versatility of the mannequins as they can be styled, blow-dried and washed just like real hair.

GENESIS TOOL BOXA clever detail

This box for which a patent is pending is embedded in the hip plate of each mannequin and contains all the utensils and information that is required during the lifespan of a mannequin, including a cleaning sponge and matching touch-up paint. The box also offers sufficient space to store clothing labels that are removed during presentation of the goods.

Safety FeatureSecure Fitting for hands

GENESIS has developed the Secure Fitting in order to avoid theft of mannequin hands. The hands cannot be removed as a specially made device connects the arm and the hand with a steel cord. New mannequins can already be ordered with the Secure Fitting and existing mannequins can be upgraded. Contact us for more information!

Safety FeatureSafety Steel Cord

Almost all sitting mannequins have an intake for the Safety Steel Cord. With this steel cord the mannequins can be secured when sitting on shelves in the sales area. Secure your mannequins against falling or tilting – with the optional Safety Steel Cord.

AccessoriesAbsolutely essential for transportation and storage

We have developed a trolley to facilitate on-site handling of the mannequins. With this trolley, the mannequin incl. the glass base can be moved around the store effortlessly. The mannequin bags are reliable helpers for longer transportation or space-saving storage of the mannequins. In these bags, the individual mannequin parts are perfectly protected from scratches and damages.

Thanks to our extensive market knowledge and our intensive exchange with customers, we can identify their needs and constantly develop new ideas for products and services. With the greatest possible customer value in mind at all times.

The basic equipment: button arm fittings

The basic equipment of all GENESIS mannequins includes button arm fittings. This fitting offers high stability and safety, particularly for wide arm poses, as it is impossible to unhook the arm accidentally. Additional feature: the space between the arm and the upper body can be manually adjusted simply and accurately by turning the button – without the need for additional tools.

It is possible to switch from one fitting system to another on any mannequin at all times.

The tongue fitting

Alternatively, we also offer tongue fittings as an option. These fittings consist of a steel core with an ABS plastic lining, which facilitates mounting of the arms and prevents scratches on the mannequin.

It is possible to switch from one fitting system to another on any mannequin at all times.

Flexible: the dual fitting

The third fitting option is known as a dual fitting (standard for the „Heritage“ and „Move“ range). This fitting allows an uncomplicated change between FRP arms with button fittings and wooden arms with a push & pull fitting. It is also available for mannequins from other ranges upon demand.

Felt Pads

All of our mannequins are equipped with non-visible felt pads under the soles of their feet in order to avoid scratches on the glass base and/or the floor when the mannequin is moved around. We use either black or white felt pads depending on the color of the mannequin.

Labels – Helpful Details

Each part of our mannequins is labelled with all of the relevant product details. This label allows spare parts to be exchanged or reordered at any time.

Basics for presentation

All standing mannequins come with a thigh-mounted spigot and a round glass base to securely hold them in an upright position. The base is made of polished safety glass, which shatters into small pieces without sharp edges if it breaks to avoid injuries. Alternatives to this standard equipment are available at an extra cost upon demand, e.g. clear or black glass bases, square metal bases, height-adjustable wooden bases or individual engravings.

Hooks for handbags

Optionally our wooden arms and our FRP arms are available with a hole in the palm of the hand. This is provided to take a rubber coated metal hook for attaching handbags to the mannequins' hands invisibly and realistically. Already existing mannequins can be retrofitted.



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