Product Features

Well thought-out details for a perfect appearance

Each GENESIS mannequin is a well thought- out, unique character for the perfect presentation of fashion. Our mannequins are fitted with many well thought-out and useful details as standard for a perfect appearance.
In addition, we can realize individual ideas to adapt new or already existing mannequins to your varying requirements.

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Our mannequins are extremely lightweight. This means that each mannequin can easily be carried and assembled by just one person. Two factors have helped us to achieve a low weight of 7,5 kg for the women and 9 kg for the men (each without glass base). Our standard mannequins are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) and laminated by hand instead of being produced in the conventional blow molding process. Furthermore, 47% of the plastic material is replaced by a natural bio resin, which makes the mannequins more durable and lighter.


Our patented GENESIS Tool Box is embedded in the hip plate of each our mannequins and closes with a hinged lid. It contains all of the tools and information required throughout a mannequin’s lifespan including a cleaning sponge, matching touch-up paint, gloves, and assembly instructions. The Tool Box is also the perfect place to store clothing labels when dressing your mannequin.


All GENESIS mannequins with a wide leg pose have a Spring Fitting in one leg. This leg spring creates flexibility in the mannequin’s leg so it can be moved and automatically spring back into its original position. One person can effortlessly pull pants on and off the mannequin without having to dismantle the leg.


Transform your female mannequins as never before. The removable make-up includes interchangeable lips and eyelids that can be used to create expressive faces. Dramatic and striking make-up styles are as easy to achieve as a more restrained everyday make-up style. You alone decide how your mannequin should look.
Should the ideal make-up for showcasing your products not yet be available, you can also simply design it yourself. The MASQUERADE set is completed by primed lips and lid elements. There are no limits to your creativity. MASQUERADE lets you design your female mannequins yourself and become the designer of your brand.


We give you the option to add a transparent protective coating made of Nano ceramic particles that can be applied to almost any mannequin. This coating protects against dirt or scratches and is easy to clean.
Nano Protection not only extends a mannequin’s life, it contributes to protecting the environment as well.
After unpacking the mannequin, our Nano Protection needs at least 4 weeks or more to completely dry and harden. Therefore, within this time, we recommend working carefully with the mannequin.


G-Protect is a multicomponent protective coating. Due to its special composition the G-Protect coating is extremely durable and scratch resistant. After unpacking the mannequin, it only takes one week for the G-Protect coating to completely harden. In contrast to Nano Protection, the use of G-Protect is a little less diverse. For example, it is possible to add G-Protect to our standard colors, but it is not possible to combine G-Protect with metallic effects, special finishes, or make-up.


Upon request, all female mannequins can be equipped with removable heels varnished in the same color as the respective mannequin. For some female mannequin ranges, this equipment is already available as standard.
This creative feature lends a complete look to any outfit even if it doesn’t include shoes. If you’d like to display shoes later on, the heels are easily removable.


All of our wigs are made with Kanekalon fibers that can be washed, blow dried, and styled just like real hair so you can constantly update a mannequin’s look.
If you don´t want to invest your time in hair styling, you can also choose one of our pre-styled wigs - always a good look. We are happy to develop an individual wig for your unmistakable mannequin, if your idea hasn’t been realised yet.


Wooden and FRP hands are available with a hole in the palm for fitting a rubber coated metal hook to realistically attach a handbag to a mannequin’s hand. Already existing mannequins can be retrofitted.


We developed the G-Fitting to guarantee steady positioning of our mannequins. We have merged the flange and sleeve into one piece and placed a screw on the calf fitting intake that connects to the groove in the calf fitting to guarantee a steady grip and alignment.
The G-fitting is part of our standard equipment, for each mannequin.


GENESIS created the Secure Fitting to prevent the theft of mannequins´ hands. A special device connects the arm and hand with a steel cord so hands cannot be removed. You can order new mannequins with the Secure Fitting or have existing mannequins upgraded with the feature.


Almost all of our seated mannequins have an intake for our Safety Steel Cord. The steel cord secures mannequins sitting in a sales area and keeps them from falling or tilting. Protect your customers against falling or tilting mannequins – with the optional Safety Steel Cord.


We created a mannequin trolley to aid with the on-site handling of mannequins. The trolley holds an entire mannequin including the glass base, so it can be easily transported throughout a store.
We recommend our mannequin bags for longer trips or space saving storage. Our mannequin bags protect individual mannequin parts from scratches and other damages.



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