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For a variety of looks

Choose the ideal hair color for your mannequin from our large selection of high quality wigs. The wigs are pre-styled for easier handling in the stores.

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AG-01 light blond
AG-02 dark brown
AG-03 black
AG-04 light brown
AG-05 silver blond
AG-06 light brown
AG-07 dark brown
AG-08 light brown
AG-09 dark blond
AG-10 ginger
AG-11 copper
AG-12 light brown
AGM-01 dark brown
AGM-02 light brown
AGM-03 dark blond
AGM-04 light brown
AGM-05 black
AGM-06 dark brown
AGKG-01 light blond 4yrs
AGKG-02 dark blond 4yrs
AGKG-03 light brown 8yrs
AGKG-04 light brown 8yrs
AGKG-05 dark brown 8yrs
AGKG-06 light blond 10yrs
AGKG-07 light brown 10yrs
AGKG-08 dark blond 12yrs
AGKB-01 light brown 4yrs
AGKB-02 dark blond 4yrs
AGKB-03 dark brown 6yrs
AGKB-04 light brown 8yrs
AGKB-05 dark brown 10yrs
AGKB-06 light blond 12yrs




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