GENESIS - a company guided by passion

We are happy to invest in long-term and trusting business relationships because they are the driving force behind our desire to become a little bit better every day. It is our mission to be a reliable partner that identifies trends, develops concepts and designs, and constantly generates new ideas.

Your AdvantageMore than 30 years of experience

We understand what is really important in the Fashion Industry and in Visual Merchandising. Thanks to our knowledge and skills, we can provide our customers with high-quality, functional and aesthetic products – complemented by helpful services and creative concepts. We offer passion, creativity, individuality and precision.

SustainabilityInnovation does not exclude sustainability

We recognize trends early on and translate these into unique designs with sophisticated technical solutions. We always aim to offer the best possible sustainability. This has also ensured that we are one of the most environmentally conscious companies in the industry.

Ethical StandardsResponsibility for our employees

As a member of SEDEX, we follow a strict code of conduct. This allows us to ensure good working conditions around the world, which meet the high standards expected of a responsible member of this international organisation.



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