Our PURE range has a timeless, elegant look that keeps customers’ focus on your merchandise. The classic poses and simple body language make PURE ideal for displaying any style clothing line. This range is available in either a realistic style with makeup and a wig, or a semi-abstract design in the color and finish of your choice. As with every GENESIS range, our mix-n-match principle allows you to choose from a variety of head options, or even opt for your mannequins to be headless. The choice is all yours!

Head recommendation: Liv-101001


All mannequins can be orderered headless or can be combined with any heads. You have a choice of four designs: a realistic head with hair, a realistic head with sculptured hair, an abstract design or a head without hair or the illusion of hair. 

Head recommendation: Elea-101103

REMOVABLE MAKE-UPSNever has the transformation of your female mannequins been as easy as with Masquerade!

Whether you want dramatic or discreet make-ups for your presentation – the exchangeable lips and eyelids create an expressive individual look tailored just to your particular products.



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