Generation Z

GENERATION Z mannequins mirror the characteristics of the first generation to grow up on the Internet, meaning these kids are fashion-conscious and on top of all the digital trends. Choose from a wide range of poses—some are more reserved and mature, others are more playful and spirited. GENERATION Z includes a variety of ages which makes for fantastic group displays. Whether you opt for realistic makeup or abstract, GENERATION Z is the best way to present children’s fashion.


Becky-111006 4-6 years
Luke-111006 4-6 years
June-111006 4-6 years
Thomas-113006 8-10 years
Hana-113006 8-10 years
Ashley-113006 8-10 years
Noah-113006 8-10 years
Owen-114006 10-12 years
Riley-114006 10-12 years
Frankie-114006 10-12 years
Ethan-116006 12 years
Zoey-115006 12 years
Becky-111103 4-6 years
Jin 4-6 years
June-111103 4-6 years
Luke-111103 4-6 years
Dot-111001 4-12 years
Jacy-111001 4-12 years
Lou-111001 4-12 years
Ashley-113103 8-10 years
Hana-113103 8-10 years
Jin 8-12 years
Noah-113103 8-10 years
Thomas-113103 8-10 years
Frankie-114103 10-12 years
Owen-114103 10-12 years
Riley-114103 10-12 years
Ethan-116103 12 years
Zoey-115103 12 years



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