The booth


GENESIS MANNEQUINS produced an exceptional booth concept for the EuroShop 2017 which underlines the company's creativity and the diversity of their products.


The 700 m² booth appears like a vast space made of folded white paper. In the middle stands a four-meter-tall white tree with abstract branches, graciously reaching toward every angle of the booth. This tree is a symbol for life, strength, and stability. It embodies GENESIS' important values when engaging with clients and partners. The tree also stands for the organization's creativity that is reflected in all of their mannequins.


GENESIS' booth concept leaves enough room for the visitors' own imagination and illustrates the infinite potential of creative and technological possibilities. Twelve of GENESIS' more than 30 existing mannequin ranges will be displayed on different levels and stages – seven of them as a world premiere. The mix of perfect staging and inspiring product presentation allows each visitor to be well informed and gives comprehensive insight into the diverse world of GENESIS MANNEQUINS.



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