Made to magnetize: Punk Deluxe

PUNK DELUXE, this is the brand new male mannequin range which rather breaks with conventions than use clichés. This collection which is now available was designed to stand out. PUNK DELUXE guarantees trend-setting shop windows!

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Never has emotional story telling been more important for the stationary trade than today. A creative window design is indispensable in the era of digitalization. Regardless of influences by current fashion or design trends the focus lies on the emotionalisation of the shopping experience. It is particularly important to choose the right shop window mannequin. GENESIS MANNEQUINS has faced this task and developed a male range, which crosses futuristic elements with male charm.

PUNK DELUXE – these are avant-garde helmets and hands with high-quality chrome finish which bring a crossover of glamour and rebellion to the point of sale. Combined with confident poses they form a contemporary mannequin concept, presenting male style in a new and unconventional way. The mannequins epitomize the attributes of the modern fashion world, which is characterized by digitalization and follows a minimalist aesthetic. PUNK DELUXE gives dinner jackets, extravagant accessories and evening attire of exquisite taste an exclusive touch.

The new PUNK DELUXE collection comes as standard in six expressive poses. However, the convertible helmets and hands can be adapted to other poses to create customized stories at the point of sale. As for other ranges by GENESIS MANNEQUINS, the mix-n-match principle applies; any color and any finish are possible. Together with you, we would be happy to develop your individual concept.



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