A meaningful alternative.

It is our motivation to offer sustainable solutions for the mannequin market. The demand for alternatives to fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) is growing constantly. With our new label BionicV® we respond to this development, and present a material that completely dispenses with fiberglass. Instead, we use a mix of bio resin and viscose fibers.

Durable. Robust. Recyclable.

Our retail mannequins made from viscose fibers and bio resin offer considerable advantages compared to conventional materials. Viscose fibers are extremely durable, flexible and shock resistant by which GENESIS‘ high quality standards could be improved even further.
Viscose fibers can be colored without problems, so that we are able to offer semitransparent mannequins, even without varnish. If a varnish is requested, mannequins made from viscose can be easily adapted to an existing mannequin concept because they are visually indistinguishable from conventional mannequins.

Furthermore, GENESIS take responsibility for their staff and the environment. Due to the use of viscose fibers, many of the work processes during production are harmless for the health of the workers. Processing of the viscose fibers is considerably safer compared to glassfiber.
As the components are present at the production site, we can achieve an improved CO2 footprint. Last but not least, at the end of their lifecycle mannequins made from viscose fibers can be used thermally, where the material is used for energy generation, and can be added to the reusable material cycle.



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